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Human vomeronasal epithelium development: An immunohistochemical overview. Allele-specific PCR method for identification of EGFR mutations in non-small cell lung cancer: formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue versus fresh tissue.

Comparison of four chromatographic methods used for measurement of glycated hemoglobin.

The Radiology Assistant : Prostate Cancer – PI-RADS v2

Raduly, Z. Pap, L. Denes, Z. Immunohistochemical study of Ki67, CD34 and p53 expression in human tooth buds. Bara, s. Bancu, M. Muresan, S. Muresan, L. Bancu, L. Denes, T. Bara jr. Hyperplastic polyps and serrated adenomas: precancerous lesions with mixed immunophenotype. Pathology and Oncology Research,vol. Initial results in the search for the human septal organ. Immunohistochemical study of Aquaporin-1, Cyclooxygenase-2 and Apoptosis Protease-Activating Factor-1 expression in breast prostate cancer radiology assistant.

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Preliminary study. Mezei, Z. Comparație intre caracteristicile clinicopatologice ale cancerului de san la tineri si varstnici. Monitorizarea intraoperatorie a presiunii intraabdominale prin abord transvezical in intervențiile chirurgicale laparoscopice.

Retrospective analysis of breast cancer patient data for identification of candidates for BRCA mutation detection. Denes, G. Right-middle and left-middle colic arteries arising independently from the superior mesenteric artery in the dissection material of the Anatomy and Embryology Department of UMF Targu Mures-case report.

Role of transurethral resection of the prostate in the management of prostate cancer. Evaluation of tumor angiogenesis in patients with non-small cell lung carcinoma.

The importance of immunohistochemical studies of different markers Citokeratin 7, TTF-1, p63 and ALK gene mutations for complete diagnosis of patients with lung adenocarcinoma.

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Ghizdavat, G. Raduly, Pap Zsuzsanna, L. Ki expression in the human fetal gastrointestinal tract. Denes, LP. Kucserik, Z. Denes, Annamaria Szanto, G. Changes in PTEN expression according to histological types of colon adenomas. Pavai, G. Raduly, L. Denes, R. Denes, E. Analysis of the relationship between clinical parameters and the two variants of m-BCR-ABL fusion gene in funcția prostatitei în corpul bărbaților myeloid leukemia.

Acta Medica Marisiensis. Colon adenomas and polyps developing synchronously, without carcinoma. Gastric trichobezoar.

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Pap, a. Ilyes, B. Baroti, D. Lorand, T. Mezei, A. Szanto, Z. Pavai, S. Surviving expression occurs in precancerous colorectal lesions.

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Automated digital morphometry of high contrast tissue elements using color filtering. A comparative study between clinical behavior and real time quantitative reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction results in chronic myelogenous leukemia cases. Denes, L Seres Sturm.

prostate cancer radiology assistant

Age related modificationsof the structure of the embrionic carotid body. Abstracts Book p L. Immunohystochemistry of the vomeronasal organ of the mouse and rat.

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Comparative electron-microscopic study of the vomeronasal organ of the mouse, rat and guinea pig. PavaiK.

Toro, L. Variatia numarului celulelor progenitoare din glomusul carotidian in sindromul de moarte subita a sugarului. Metode morfometrice pentru evaluarea dezvoltarii prenatale a organului prostate cancer radiology assistant uman.

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Neuronal markers in the human vomeronasal epithelium. Prezentare orala. Studiul imunohistochimic comparativ al unor markeri epiteliali in adenoamele de colon.

prostate cancer radiology assistant

Studiul imunoshistochimic comparativ al cadherinei-E si al syndecanului-1 in carcinoamele de colon. Efectul trasplantului cu celule stem osteomedulare la bolnavi cu ischemie periferica. Denes, Pap Zsuzsanna, P. Wojcik, Z. Examinarea mutatiei genelor k-ras si b-raf in polipi colorectali, Revista de Medicina si Farmacie, Prostate cancer radiology assistant Mures, vol.

prostate cancer radiology assistant

Mutatiile JAK2V in leziunile mieloproliferative. Metode moderne folosite in cercetare in cadrul Disciplinei de Anatomie si Embriologie din Tg. Necesitatea controlului calitatii in laboratorul de imunohistochimie. Efectul transplantului cu celule stem osteomedulare la bolnavi cu ischemie periferica.

Zilele Universitatii UMF. Caracterizarea imunohistochimica a organului vomeronazal al omului adult. Microscopic and macroscopic features of the adult human vomero-nasal organ. Preliminary screening for BRCA mutation carrier candidates.

prostate cancer radiology assistant

Expresia de syndecan-1 si cadherina-E in carcinoamele de colon. Studiul imunohistochimic al syndecanului-1 si cadherinei- E in carcinoamele de colon.

Studiul imunohistochimic al syndecanului-1 si caderinei —E in leziunile precanceroase de colon. Markeri imunohistochimici epiteliali in cancerul de colon.

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Studiul imunohistochimic al unor potentiali factori prognostici in cancerul de colon. Studiul imunohistochimic comparativ in adenoame si carcinoame de colon. I Comparative study of colon carcinomas developed de novo and ex adenoma.

prostate cancer radiology assistant

Colon adenomas and polyps developing synchrnously and in the absence of carcinoma.